Nominate a Company

Thank you for your efforts in recognizing Minnesota’s ethical businesses!

Nominations for the 2017 award are now closed.
Nominations for the 2018 award will open May 10, 2017 at 1:30 PM.

The next step in the award process is for the nominated company to submit an entry. Once nominations close (January 20, 2017 at midnight) the MBEA will get in touch with all nominees and provide information about entries and also provide information about a conference call where nominees can learn more about the process. Generally, businesses develop and submit entries during February and March prior to the entry deadline which is March 15, 2017. The entry submission requirements and questions can be found on the MBEA web site under Submit an Entry.

For additional comments or questions, please contact Steering Committee Members:
David Rodbourne 651.962.4122
Brian Volkmann 651.312.9260 |


  • The Center for Ethical Business Cultures
  • Society of Financial Service Professionals