2017 MBEA Liaisons
Wesley Beedon, Peoples Bank Midwest
George Boyadjis, CPA, FHFMA, Cresa
Susan Buckles, Mayo Clinic
Tim Dallmann, Dallmann Consulting
Colette Gross, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate
Glaydon Iverson, Platinum Group
Jeff Klein, Klein Bank
Theresa Quinn-Accurso, Financial Consultant

What do Liaisons do?
Once the nomination phase has ended, it is time to concentrate on the important task of converting nominations into actual entries for the Award. We want each Nominee Company to fully understand the MBEA entry and judging process, and we want each Nominee Company to fully appreciate the considerable advantages that accrue to the Company itself as a result of completing an entry for the Award.

To assist in this effort, MBEA Nominee Liaisons, are asked to relate on a personal basis to several Nominee Companies. Specifically, the duties of each Nominee Liaison will consist of the following:

a) Have an initial telephone conversation with the designated contact at the Nominee Company and confirm the correct contact person.

b) If possible, participate in at least one on-site visit with the Nominee Company, for the purpose of further explaining the MBEA program, the entry process, and the associated benefits.

c) Maintain liaison with the Nominee Company, answering questions and providing help, as required, assisted by members of the MBEA Steering Committee.

d) Liaisons will also want to make sure their assigned nominated companies are aware of the Nominee WebEx/Conference Call which provides helpful information for nominees to complete the entry process.

Training and support is available for MBEA Liaisons!
Liaison training is available by contacting MBEA Liaison Chair:
Glaydon Iverson at 612.247.9905
The Liaison Training PowerPoint is available for Liaisons to download as a reference: MBEA Liaison Training 2017_Final



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