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2018 Judging Criteria Submission Entry Form

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Judging Overview

The Minnesota Business Ethics Award™ (MBEA) recognizes Minnesota companies that exemplify the highest standards of ethical behavior and practice. Awards are presented in three categories based on the number of employees:

  • small: fewer than 100 employees
  • mid-size: with 100–500 employees
  • large: more than 500 employees

Entries are judged by panels comprised of business practitioners and business ethicists from regional colleges and universities. There are two rounds of judging, a preliminary round and a finalist round. Efforts are made to see that each of the judging panels includes at least one representative from a company which has previously received the MBEA.

  • In the preliminary round, there are three panels of judges, one for each of the three category sizes. Each panel is comprised of five judges. These panels will review and judge all of the entries in their size category based upon a company’s responses to the MBEA judging criteria and select up to three finalists per category. The finalists from each preliminary panel are then submitted to the final panel for review and final selection.
  • In the finalist round of judging, there is one panel of five judges who review entries.

At the judges’ discretion, the award may not be given in a particular category. However, if after the preliminary round judging there is at least one finalist in a given category, at least one award will be conferred for that category.
Judging panels are assembled anew each year with emphasis on a different mix of individuals on each panel every year.


Judges for the MBEA are volunteers who serve without compensation. They are experienced business practitioners and business ethicists who are committed to raising the standards for ethical business practice in Minnesota.
All judges are given an orientation to the MBEA, including a review of the MBEA judging criteria.


Each organization is required to sign a Verification Statement that reads:

  • I have reviewed the foregoing Minnesota Business Ethics Award submission, and to the best of my knowledge, the information contained in this submission is a true and accurate reflection of our ethical aspirations, processes and performance.

No further audit measures are asked for or required of the judges.

Judging Ethics

For the award process to be effective there must be unquestioned fairness and objectivity for all concerned.

  • The decisions of the panels of judges are final.
  • Judges are assigned so as to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Prior to commencement of judging, judges are asked to recuse themselves from judging any company with which they may have had significant past or present dealings.


All MBEA entry documentation is treated as confidential. Applicants are not expected to provide or reveal proprietary information regarding products, processes or services.

American Business Ethics Award

MBEA entrants from qualifying categories are forwarded to the American Business Ethics Award (ABEA); non-profits and financial services organizations are excluded from consideration for the ABEA.


  • Society of Financial Service Professionals